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The Hybrid Cloud Conundrum

There is a marked move to a more hybrid technology platform for many organizations. Those demanding...

Published: 11 Jun 2019   |    Reading time: 3 mins


Top 5 Reasons to Replace Tidal

Tidal Workload Automation (WLA) has become stagnant its future is uncertain. Save money and stress...

Published: 29 May 2019   |    Reading time: 2 mins


Dynamic Automation: Free Up Your Workforce - Whitepaper from The Group of Analysts (TGOA)

Dynamic IT automation uses a combination of distributed and cloud technology to realize real-time,...

Published: 2 Apr 2019   |    Reading time: 2 mins


The Need for a ‘Magic Engine’

IT must look to the automobile industry to see how it continues to embrace standards while still...

Published: 4 Feb 2019   |    Reading time: 6 mins


What is Batch Processing? A Quick Guide to Batch Processing and its Limitations

Batch processing is the procedure by which computers automatically complete batches of jobs in...

Published: 1 Feb 2019   |    Reading time: 2 mins


SET SAIL - Article from Produktkulturmagazin

Transformation and automation go together like sails and wind. What use is the greatest...

Published: 12 Dec 2018   |    Reading time: 5 mins


The Group of Analysts (TGOA) Interview with Dr Detlef Purschke, Former CSO of Stonebranch

The challenges that companies of all sizes must face today in order to survive within the context...

Published: 7 Jul 2018   |    Reading time: 7 mins


Enterprise Automation that Transforms Your Business

Achieving end-to-end visibility, accessibility, and manageability of diverse business processes...

Published: 19 Oct 2017   |    Reading time: 3 mins


IT Automation Made Simple

Business today happens a lot faster than human beings can process it. At Stonebranch, we help...

Published: 12 Sep 2017   |    Reading time: 3 mins