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How To Install External Python Modules in Universal Agent

In this article we explain how to install external python modules in Stonebranch's Universal Agent.

Published: 22 Nov 2019   |    Reading time: 1 mins


Orchestrating the Data Supply Chain with OpenShift

In this blog post, Nils Buer explains how to securely transfer business data located on the cloud,...

Published: 27 Sep 2019   |    Reading time: 5 mins


Bringing RPA and Workload Automation Together

RPA copies and codifies an individual’s actions, so little to no knowledge of scripting or coding...

Published: 14 Sep 2019   |    Reading time: 4 mins


What is Managed File Transfer?

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a type of software or service designed to facilitate secure data...

Published: 22 Aug 2019   |    Reading time: 5 mins


Making the Most of the Data Economy

Data management is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Organizations today must be able to ensure that...

Published: 6 Aug 2019   |    Reading time: 3 mins

Telecommunication Part2

Dynamic IT Automation for Telcos - Billing Operations Automation (Part2)

Billing processes are part of the core Operations of a Telco. Automating billing processes offers...

Published: 31 Jul 2019   |    Reading time: 4 mins

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An Example for Running Universal Agents in Docker Containers

In this article we examine a sample dockerfile, entrypoint script, and the docker build and run...

Published: 26 Jul 2019   |    Reading time: 10 mins


What is Traditional Job Scheduling? And How did Enterprise Job Scheduling Evolve?

A job scheduler is a tool for automating IT processes. It takes one small evolutionary step beyond...

Published: 1 Jul 2019   |    Reading time: 5 mins


It's Time to Replace Your CA Automic Workload Automation

Broadcom's acquisition of CA has had a profound impact on the quality of its customer support....

Published: 18 Jun 2019   |    Reading time: 2 mins


Dynamic IT Automation for Telcos - Why & What to Automate (Part 1)

IT automation offers many benefits for telecommunications when it comes to enabling digital...

Published: 14 Jun 2019   |    Reading time: 5 mins

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